All In One Defi Solution

A Fast Growing Defi Suite of Tools of interconnected apps and services, built for a decentralized future.

About us

What is CurlFinance?

CurlFinance is an all-in-one solution consisting of launchpad, Token Tracker, Portfolio Tracker, Wallet, Staking and Farming and so much more. This includes a single platform with a consolidated wallet that’ll always have a bird eye view of your assets, dynamic charts, farms and staking portals, meaning you’d never have to leave CurlFinance.some of the services we provide include...

Chart Platform

Integrated Multi chain Chart platform. Allows you to chart, research and place orders for any integrated tokens on the platform.. You can view charts for your favorite Tokens, including the ability to read vital information such as liquidity, market cap, and order books.


CurlFinance helps project and Developers create token sales easily. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for all of our investors that use our Curl ecosystem. With this in mind, we implement strict KYC procedures to deter deceptors

Farming and Staking

As if that is not enough You can also Earn Passive Incomes through Staking your assets on the CurlFinance Multilevel Staking PlatForm. this means you can stake both NFT assets or Crypto assets on CurlFinance


CurlFinance Timeline

Stage 1
  • Website Landing Page
  • Litepaper Launch
  • Community Building
  • Token Tracker Launch
  • Presale & Partnership
  • Coingecko And Coinmarketcap Listing
Stage 2
  • Launchpad Launch
  • Listing On Centralized Exchanges
  • Buy Back And Burn Program
  • Staking Platform Launch
  • Defi Wallet Launch
Stage 3
  • CurlFinance NFT Launch
  • Partnership And Marketing
  • Influencer and Media Promotions
  • Major CEX Listings
  • Contract Audit
  • Whitepaper V2
Stage 4
  • DEX Integration In dApp Wallet
  • Ecosystem Scaling
  • Roadmap Version 2.0

Its unique and clean UI allows investors to see how their own portfolio is doing as well as how the market is in general. Users will have more security within the wallet to keep their mind at rest and more focused on finding the next new investment


CurlFinance Tokenomics

CurlFinance Token ($Curl) has a total supply of 200million Token, $Curl is the Governance Token of the CurlFinance Platform. with the following amounts alocated for different purposes:

Buy On ....













We came up with this token distribution to strike a balance between incentivizing the growth and adoption of Curlfinance while ensuring that the team and ecosystem development have the necessary resources to maintain and improve the platform over time. also the major allocation on this will be vested on percentage across every month.

Our Mission

Why CurlFinance

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is revolutionizing the finance industry and bringing boundless opportunities to the finance world. However, at the same time it has witnessed millions of funds being hacked. We believe it is critical for us to play a part to minimize such incidents as we place security as a top priority. With that, we prioritize best practices to develop secure smart contracts for the CurlFinance Ecosystem.

our mission

To provide an array of use cases that goes beyond conventional transactions.Aligning the interests of all the players and making blockchain easier for everyone to use.